Episode 6 – Declaration of Independence: Yesterday and Today

rdeclaration of independance


In this episode we celebrate the people of our great country be breaking down the Declaration of Independence. We point out the the great document is as powerful in today’s context as it was in 1776.

Episode 5 – Tibet and It’s People


In this episode we discuss the situation that happened in 1949 when the Chinese government committed genocide on the people of Tibet and expelled their government. We speak about Tibet’s relationship with the UN, the cold war involvement in the situation, the CIAs involvement, Nixon’s historic trip to China. Is there any future hope for the Tibetan people? Would technology have changed Tibet’s fate? Why is there a media black out of the current situation?

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Drone sighted over Denver Music Festival 06/22/13

rdrone over denver

Here is a drone sighted watching the crowd at the Westword Music Festival in Denver on 06.22.13.

Here is a close up shot, looks to have red and blue lights on top.Drone up close

Here are a few more videos I found out there.

News and Notes #1

rnews and notes #1


This episode introduces the short format show I am calling “News and Notes”. These shows will be a bit shorter and cover several topics. In this show we talk with Ben about PRISM, Monsanto, Woolly Mammoths and Fetal stem cell donations.

Here are some links to articles we cover.

PRISM :http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/06/nsa-prism-data-mining_n_3399310.html

Monsanto: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/05/31/monsanto-found-guilty-of-chemical-poisoning-in-france/

Woolly Mammoth: http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2013/05/31/187581614/report-of-liquid-woolly-mammoth-blood-prompts-clone-talk

Fetal Stem Cell Donation: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn21185-fetus-donates-stem-cells-to-heal-mothers-heart.html

GMO Labeling


Many of you are probably as outraged as I am that laws are being either shot down or protective legislation is being passed regarding the concealed distribution of GMO products. Last election in California prop 37 was defeated and I can’t fathom that the general public would vote to not know what was in their food. Recently H.R 933 was approved and dubbed the Monsanto Protection Act which essentially grants immunity to GMO producers should it ever be conclusively determined that GMO products in fact harm humans.

What question crosses my mind is where are the capitalistic companies that could walk in and dominate the NON-GMO market? To my knowledge there is not any law restricting a company from putting a big label on their packaging stating something to the effect of “Proudly GMO FREE”. Clearly there is a market for people wanting GMO free products and a large company that did that could swoop up that market segment. Whole Foods has stated that by 2018 they will require all products on their shelf’s to label if it contains GMO, however in a light search online I was unable to find any current companies that actively promote their products as GMO free.

One would only have to look back a few years to see how house cleaning products went “GREEN” without government influence and the public ate it up. I would be willing to bet the same would be true for GMO FREE labeling.

If you’re interested at looking at brands that currently GMO free I would recommend checking out http://www.nongmoproject.org/ where you can find lists of product and current initiatives pushing for the labeling of GMO and GMO free products.

They Are watching


Here is a short video I shot what in downtown Denver a few Saturday’s ago. This helicopter was circling for hours.

Episode 4 – Boston and More

Episode 4.1


The most recent tragic event that took place in our history happened in Boston at the Boston Marathon. In this episode we talk about the event and we put the alternative stories on the table. Is the official narrative true? What was the motive? What else went on around that time? Is there precedent?

Episode 3 – Conspira-TRUTH



In Episode 3 we talk about controversial events where if you were one of the early people speaking about this you were labeled a nut job, conspiracy theorist. These types of things have happened throughout history and we start with the more recent and move back in time. Items discussed include, the government mass bullet buy, drones over America, the war on drugs, the privatized prison system, the assignation of Martin Luther King and more. Hope you enjoy.

Episode 2 – Hidden History

Hidden History


Here we talk about artifacts from history that are interesting and controversial. Objects discussed include the Antikythera Mechanism, Fisher Canyon Footprint, Crystal Sculls, Impossible Fossils and the Baghdad Batteries.

Episode 1 – FEMA / Police State



In this episode we discuss FEMA and the ever expanding police state in the US. We also explore some historical events where police state actions have been used in the past to shed light on the possibility that it could happen again.


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